Etronixmart Review


I'm writing this to all of you out there considering purching from Etronixmart. I would like to warn you before buying anything by telling you my experiences dealing with these people.

Consider this my review of their services.

The story begins when Vincent from Etronixmart wrote me an email expressing their interest in sponsoring the RIOTdigital Tag-team Coding Competition. We quickly came to an agreement that they would provide two Dingoo A320's for a logo on every single game in the competition.

As we all know they now have a banner in every game released. But when it came time for them to hold up their end of the deal, they simply stopped responding to my emails.

It turns out, I am not the first person they have stiffed. I have now been contacted by other people with similar experiences. After receiving their money they simply cut of all communications.

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