Hi everyone. We have finally decided to get this show on the road. We are happy to announce the RIOT Tag-Team Coding Competition. This is a coding competition for Caanoo, Wiz, Pandora and Dingoo's Dingux developers. With this competition we hope to generate more awesome homebrew games for our favorite consoles and our beloved communities. We hope you join and help us bring these communities together in ways never before seen.

This competition is in the spirit of community. As such, you are required to join up with one of your fellow developers / artist / modeller / coder / sound / composer / game-designer / producer / magician etc. to create something as a team. We hope this will result in a lot of "artist/coder needed for my awesome idea" threads on the boards and people will help each other out. Remember, you can submit several entries, and your talent could be shared between teams as well.


This competition has currently been announced on the following forums. If you know others, maybe different languages, for one or more of the consoles, please let us know, so we can make a proper announcement:


Here is a link to the announcement text in BB code: announcement.txt

Who am I

I am a long standing and (hopefully) respected member of GP32xtreme, which I joined over three years ago, when I got my first GP2x F200. I have since released two games for all the Game Park Holdings consoles, Warehouse Panic and Zombie Sorbet. Both games were developed for competitions like this one, so now i wanted to give something back.

In "real life" i am working on an awesome point-and-click adventure game for tablets, previously called Future called The Silent Age. Look for it on the AppStore and Android Market at the end of 2011.

Now head on over to the Getting Started section and find your team mates. Or, if you do not want to participate, please head over to the Donations page and make a little contribution.

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Thank you very much to the following sponsors for prizes.

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