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Final Positions

31th July 2011

After voting ended, we received a two complaints on Guitar on Fire. The complaints regarded the use of music that BR SOFT TEAM might not have had license to use, and the use of graphics from Guitar Rage's Rock Band theme.

The competition panel has discussed the issues and we have decided to disqualify Guitar on Fire for breaking rule no. 6 "Entry must be an original work by entrant not released previously [...]."

Although it is difficult to know whether BR SOFT TEAM had the right to use said graphics, it was not made clear that the graphics were not their own work, and as such voters may have been mislead.

I want to extend my deepest thanks to BR SOFT TEAM, who have been nothing but forthcoming and honest about the entire project, and so it is a little saddened that I present the new final standings:

2ndAdamant Armor Affection Adventure12339
3rdRainy Day - Alpha Preview10135
6thSkylark (demo)7133
8thUnnamed Monkey Game5927
10thDaff's Adventure 23318
12th El tesoro del dragón (panta vs dragon)2811
=Geek 'em up2819
14thGigaSun Jet2514
DQ rule 6Guitar on Fire Demo 1.0 
DQ rule 5Chicken Mole Adventure (DEMO) 

A big congratulations to Skylark who schooched into 6th place.

Points were rewared on a simple sum(5 - rank) for each vote. I.e. first position gave 4 points, and 4th position gave 1 point.

Emails are being sent out as we speak, so by the time you are reading this, if you are elegable for a prize, you should have received an email on how to proceed. If not, let me know.


Here are the download statisitcs for all the games, up until the deadline.

Entry Platform Downloads
1 Adamant Armor Affection Adventure Caanoo 165
Linux 8
Windows 38
Wiz 71
2 Chicken Mole Adventure (DEMO) Dingux 33
3 Daff's Adventure 2 Caanoo 60
Linux 26
Windows 53
4 El tesoro del dragón (panta vs dragon) Caanoo 51
Linux 18
Pandora 63
Windows 41
Wiz 31
5 Geek 'em up Linux 36
Windows 71
Wiz 42
6 GigaSun Jet Linux 28
Pandora 78
Windows 47
7 Guitar on Fire Demo 1.0 Dingux 133
Windows 40
8 PaperWars Caanoo 120
Pandora 49
Wiz 17
9 PirateBaby Caanoo 62
Linux 34
Pandora 74
Source 26
10 Prometheon Linux 21
Pandora 79
Windows 42
11 Puzzletube Caanoo 60
Dingux 38
Linux 26
Pandora 68
Source 29
Windows 37
Wiz 36
12 Rainy Day - Alpha Preview Linux 62
Pandora 88
Source 32
Windows 108
13 Schizophrenia Caanoo 71
Dingux 33
Linux 22
Pandora 90
Source 23
Windows 57
Wiz 38
14 Shootet Linux 28
Pandora 71
Windows 40
15 Skylark (demo) Caanoo 41
Pandora 70
Windows 46
16 Unnamed Monkey Game Caanoo 80
Dingux 59
Linux 28
Windows 54
Wiz 34

And The Winner Is...

24th July 2011

The results are in. And it was an exciting race indeed. So to dramatize it a little more I made a video presentation simulating the race to the finish line. Please avoid spoining it for those who haven't seen it yet :)

As you will see, I have no talent for animation, graphics, editing or even particle effects. But it sure was a hell of a lot of fun to make. So without further ado, the Winner is...

Link to youtube

Please note, the video is currently not available in Germany. So here is a downloadable version. Avoid downloading if you can, as it takes forever if everyone downoads it :)

UPDATE: The winners will be contacted tomorrow regarding the prizes.

Voting has Ended. Tallying

23st July 2011

Voting closed last night at midnight GMT. While I tally the votes up and prepare an awesome presentation of the winner, here is a little statistic to enjoy.

First off, 101 people voted. The games were downloaded over 3000 times. Of course, with all the bug-fixes, Schizophrenia was like half of that ;) But where do these people come from. Well, here's what you voters selected as your "homes":

GP32xtreme (
OpenHandhelds forum (
Russian GP2X community7
Communaute Francophone CAANOO GPH6
Dingoo Mania5
OpenConsole / gp2xita.com4
GL Basic forum2

I'm surprised. In the end most people who voted hail from GP32xtreme and OpenPandora. So you'd expect these people to be on Pandoras and GP2x's, right? Wrong! The most popular platform is actually Dingux, which 35 people said they were running. In a close second place there were 33 Caanoo voters, followed by 29 Pandoras.

Not many people had a Wiz, only 18. Maybe this is an indication on what devs should focus on for the next competition? I do hope people still will release for as many platforms as possible in the future, including the old F100 and F200s.

This sums up to 115 consoles. Given 101 votes, it seems very few people have more then one platform. Did I miss something, or is it just me who is hanging on to everything I buy?

Just for good measure, 64 people said they had Windows and 27 people had Linux. Given the global market share of Windows vs. Linux on consumer desktops, we sure are a geeky bunch!

And if you are wondering how dedicated some of the voters were. One guy successfully downloaded Guitar On Fire in over 4 and a half hours. Damn! I didn't even know my scripts would run for that long on the server.

I will add download numbers to the entries, probably tomorrow, so you guys can see how often your game were downloaded.

The winners will be announced on Sunday, 24th Jul 2011 20.00 GMT.

Adding More Platforms to your Entry

21st July 2011

Hi everyone.

A discussion has started on GP32xtreme regarding whether or not adding a new platform too your entry was allowed or not. The only rule that could cover this in any way is rule no. 7, which states that updates must not be made available any where else, until voting over, except critical updates, which must be sent to me for distribution.

This rule was intended to cover two things. First, entries should be judged by the features they were submitted with. Secondly, any updates have to go through me, so that I have proof of what has been distributed, in case someone complains that an update adds features to a game.

The rule was not written to cover additional platforms. I have to apologize about this not being clear. I've dropped the ball on this one.

Whether or not making a game available for a new platform constitutes an update or not, is probably open for interpretation. I did not see it as such, and the entire purpose of this competition is to bring people and communities together, and that includes making the games available on as many platforms as possible.

If we look back, there have been several updates and platform additions since the submission deadline. On 12th July Unnamed Monkey Game got added a Wiz version, as well as Shootet which got a Linux version. On 13th I suggested to traylorpark that they could still submit a windows version as long as the game was not updated. On 18th PaperWars became available for Wiz.

This should have set a clear precedence on what rule no. 7 covered, or at least the intentions of the competition. But I will have to apologize to anyone who feels cheated by this, and feels they have wasted time porting to several platforms before the deadline. I will make sure to cover this more clearly next competition.

Voting and Reviews

16th July 2011

If something is worth doing, it is worth overdoing. I'm afraid I'm a sucker for perfection. With that in mind, I have updated the voting page a little to give a better voting experience. You can now sort within the list, so swapping e.g. first and second place becomes easier then having to re-drag the games to their desired location.

Of course there's not much point in writing about it. Those that have voted don't care. Those that haven't voted yet don't know what I'm talking about :)

Another piece of information about the voting. If you are not satisfied with your choice, just vote again. Your old votes will be deleted as soon as you confirm you new vote. In fact, which ever you confirm last will be your choice. So there are no excuses. Go


I can tell you it is a very close race so it would be great if everyone added the "I voted!" button to their signature. It is only for one week. Here is the code in HTML:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="I voted!" title="I voted!" border="0" /></a>

or BB code:



In other news, we have received more donations, and Hahahoj from the Russian GP2x community has written up some very detailed reviews of all the games. Now, if you are Russian or read Russian, you're in luck. If not, your best option is probably a google translation. So make sure you check it out.

I also hear roumors about interviews. I'll keep you posted.

Voting Form is Up

12th July 2011

You may now start voting for your favorite games. Please head over to the voting form and make your choice.

Voting will end Friday, 22nd Jul 2011 23.59 GMT.

Games are Up

11th July 2011

The games are now available for download. All I have tried so far of very high quality. This is what we've all been waiting for :)

Voting will start tomorrow evening and continue to the following Friday.


The First Entry Already Arrived

8th July 2011

I received the first entry for the competition yesterday, and it looks amazing. Since I haven't covered it in my blog yet, I think it is only fair it gets a little love here too :)

Prometheon screenshot

Prometheon is available for the Pandora only, because the other consoles simply don't have the horse-power so I haven't been able to try it (UPDATE: I just received both Windows and Linux builds), but judging from the youtube video, it seems like a massive achievement.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Ethenyl over at DeviantART for the fantastic background I used for the splash screens. It certainly livened up my mess.

And just for good measure, I've added a flattr button to the top of the page, just in case you think I'm doing a good job. It's right up there, next to the twitter button ;)

Submission Form is Up

6th July 2011

Finally, the submission form is up. It is pretty straight forward. There is an option to provide a link to a video of the game, as well as a flattr link for donations.

Please remember that you may not release updates to the game after you have submitted until the winner is announced. If you find out that your game does not work or some other problem, please contact me for redistributing it during the voting period.

The deadline for submitting is Sunday, 10th Jul 2011 23.59 GMT.

Splash Screens

4th July 2011

Finally, the splash screens are done.

You need to display the following splash screens for at least 2 seconds at full color intensity. You are welcome to fade them in and out, in fact it might look better. If you do not fade them, I recommend to leave half to one second between the two screens. The RIOTdigital logo must be the first screen displayed followed directly by the sponsors screen.

RIOTdigital Tag-Team Coding Competition splash screen RIOTdigital Tag-Team Coding Competition sponsors

Click here for Pandora versions of the RIOTdigital logo and the sponsors screen.

You are welcome to let the user click past the screens (one at a time) to skip the screen instead of waiting two second for each. In fact, I recommend doing that. People usually prefer not to wait for splash screens more then once.

Please also consider making a menu item in your game to display the sponsors of the competition, as they have provided some very nice prices for us all.

A Little Update Before The Big Crunch

2nd July 2011

Here is a little status update before the final crunch.

Yesterday, we received a few more, albeit substantial, donations pushing the prize pool close to the 600 Euro mark! Pretty impressive for our humble little consoles, I must say. I've updated the prizes to reflect the new donations, and they will now update automatically to reflect the donations.

Also, I have (finally) managed to make reasonable splash (please note, there are two!) screens that doesn't make me want to vomit compulsively :) They will be ready at the latest Monday morning. They are primarily black, with white text, although of course the logos have their own color.

As for the site, I have been working on the submission form, voting system and list/download pages as well, and everything is falling nicely into place. I am about 50% done with the last page, after which we are ready to go live! That is the submission page itself. As soon as it is ready, I will put up links and we will be open for receiving entries.

This will be at the latest Wednesday. Submission deadline is Sunday night, so plenty of time.

That's it for this quick update.


More About the Prizes, and Another Late Entry

21th June 2011

There has been some discussion about the prizes, as some people already might have the console they win, or don't want to port their game to the Caanoo etc. The last thing I want to see is these consoles ending up on eBay because the winner has no use for it.

So just to make it clear: The winners will be allowed to take a runner up prize if they so desire. It is completely up to the team if they choose to take the next prize or not. And that only covers the hardware part of the prizes. The cash prize they can still keep.

The winning prize then falls to the next team, which can then choose if they want it, or they want another prize.

So, to sum up, teams will be able to choose their prize, in the order they finish in the competition. I think it is the best way to try and keep as many consoles in the community as possible :)


While I was browsing the OpenPandora boards, I came across a game currently being developed by a relatively new member of the board, mrz. To quote mrz himself, "Shootet is similar to the classic game Quarth." You destroy falling shapes by turning them into squares. I think GiraffeeDreams description sums it up perfectly: It looks like Galaga and Tetris had a love child. Brilliant!

Shootet screenshot

The gameplay looks great, and there is even a video of it.

Mrz is looking for a graphics artist to help with the visuals. So if you would like to participate, here is another chance. Give the just-released alpha a try and see if that it's worth your time. Available for Linux, Windows and Pandora.

Daff's Adventure 2

Kake_Fisk is still looking for a musician to spice up Daff's Adventure 2. Here's another screenie.

Daff's Mini Adventure screenshot

The Prizes

18th June 2011

I have finally finished laying out the prizes between the top six entry teams. For those interested, check out what's instore for you and your team should you be one of the more talented lucky ones to reach 6th place or better.

Of course, donations are still being received so these are still preliminary prizes.

The Final Sponsor, OpenPandora

16th June 2011

OpenPandora logo Everything has finally fallen into place. I have talked to "The Dragon" himself, and OpenPandora has agreed to sponsor four 16GB class 6 SD cards. To those who do not know, (no-one?), OpenPandora is the manufacturer of the Pandora handheld console. That awesome piece of hardware people are fighting to get their hands on. You can snatch one of the premiums up for 440 EUR (including VAT) if you're in Europe, or 500 USD abroad.

This is the final piece of the puzzle! and in a jiffy I will update the final distribution of the prizes, so stay tuned.

Competition Panel

But the good news doesn't stop there. EvilDragon has also agreed to be a member on the competition panel next to myself and THB. I am very happy ED agreed to join the panel. This assures a panel capable of handling any disputes with the utmost responsibility, objectiveness and grace. Welcome aboard ED.

Extensions, Reviews and Babies

16th June 2011

After a unanimously positive response on the extension, I have decided to push back the submission deadline two weeks. This means games have to be submitted by 10th July 2011 at 23.59.

The splash screens and submission form are still in production and will be forthcoming soon.


Zip, from is looking for reviewers to write up on the games submitted. Specifically, Dingoo and Pandora games. To be honest they are unable to play Pandora and Dingoo games, so need your help.Check out the first issue of the magazine, which is currently being translated to English. So if you are one of those "the pen is mightier then the sword" kind of people, then try contacting him on via PM or send him a mail at el_zip AT hotmail D0T it, and see if you can contribute.


And finally, a big gigantic congratz to PokeParadox on getting a little boy :)

More Screenies, a Late Entry, and a Lot of Confusion

14th June 2011

First of all, the result of the extension proposal, give me two more days. Now, down to some other news.

Futublock has sent me another screenshot of their El tesoro del dragón (Panta vs dragon) (did i spell that right?) Anyway, I like what I see. It seems to be shaping up nicely. They have also taken onboard freeyourmind from the bennugd forums. And while we wait for a release enjoy this screenie :)

El tesoro del dragón (Panta vs dragon) screenshot

Daff's Adventure 2

And Submarine has turned into Daff's Adventure 2. Kake_Fisk felt Submarine was too... something, and decided to turn it into a genuine 2D platformer instead. You control this little yellow dude, and that's all i know so far. But i am sure the prequal (Windows only) might give an indication of what's to come. I hear he is making great progress, and is missing someone to make music for the game. Think you could cook up some music in two weeks? Give him a call on #gdn on or on his site.

Daff's Adventure 2 screenshot

Stranded Wannabe

We also have a late entry for the competition. CplusplusER and meming, on #GDN are planning to submit their take on the Stranded "genre." The game doesn't have a name yet, and a lot of other features still need implementing, but here is a screenshot of the render of the heightmap, which will be the level at some point.

Stranded inspired screenshot

As you can see, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. It will be interesting to see if they can make the deadline. I hope they succeed, as Stranded would be a cool game on the Caanoo, which is their target device for this competition.


I looked at the Schizophrenia thread, or at least that is what i thought it was called. Seems I must have made a typo somewhere, because it seems to be called Zizophrenia. And I don't remember seeing this screenshot in the thread before?

Zizophrenia screenshot

But there's more. I'm sure there was a scientist somewhere in that thread. But I'll be damed if I can find him now. And the button. Where the hell is the damn button now?

Oh well, at least we have what looks to be a screenshot of the game. Surely it is the game. It looks very nice. Very nice indeed. Me sees levers and buttons. And I feel I've seen that character before somewhere. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.

Would You Like a 2 Weeks Extension?

12th June 2011

I've been contemplating the deadlines and rethinking them a little. The deadlines for submission, voting and handing over the prizes have all been given a great deal of thought. They are also set to fit my schedule in real life. But I have come to the conclusion that I can push everything back 2 weeks.

I know, I could use the extra time to prepare the submission form and voting system.

You can discuss it in your local forum. I visit all announced forums with my trusty Google Translate. You can also write me in private, so feel free to send me your thoughts on the subject.

Please do not pitch and whine. Just let me know what you think. If any dev is opposed, which is perfectly legit, I will not move it.

So my question is to the developers participating. Would you like a two weeks extension?

Dingoo Digital USA Sponsorship

7th June 2011

Dingoo Digital USA logo Dingoo Digital USA has also decided to sponsor the competition with 2 of the awesome and new, soon to be released Dingoo A380, with an Ingenic 4755 CPU running at 500Mhz. To those who haven't heard of Dingoo Digital USA yet, they sell all kinds of Dingoo gear, as well as Android tablets, and yes, they even carry GPH's line of products.

One thing that caught my eye was their HomeBrew Software Installation service, where they preinstall all the homebrew on your Caanoo for a nominal fee. Nice! I hope my games are on there too ;)

Anyway, these prizes mean I can guarrantee that everyone on your team will get a prize... that is, if you win... and as long as you are up to two people on the team.

Seriously though, this is perfect as there are always at least two people on each team, so now it should be easier to split a prize between the team members. I would like to thank Dingoo Digital USA very much for their support and providing these great prizes. I hear great things about the A380, so we should be getting two very happy devs by the end of this competition. I know I wouldn't mind trying one of these babies myself.

Splash Screen

I am sure a lot of you are wondering about the splash screen. There will be two splash screens required for the competition. The first will be the competition name and logo on a black background. The second will be the sponsors of the competition. As soon as I have all these in place, I will post the instructions here. My goal is to keep the splash screens as descrete and clean as possible. I don't want the game to look like an Indie 500 race-car, so I will do my best to avoid this. Twitter will tell you when there is more news.

Chicken Mole Adventure Beta Released

5th June 2011

Monstercrunch has just released the first beta of his Chicken Mole Adventure for Dingux. I cannot try it myself (don't have a Dingoo), but please head on over there and give it a go. And by all means, give him some feedback on the game.

He has also released a new video showing the menu system. Of course, it is in French, so I'm out of luck, but if you're fluent, check it out. And as always, if you are feeling generous, you can find the donation button here. Stay tuned on twitter or RSS.

Prize Pool Reaches 400 Euro

3rd June 2011

Prize pool reaches 400 Euro Indeed, with the latest donation received today the prize pool has now passed the 400 Euro mark. The donations just keep on coming. On behalf of the developers and myself, thank you very much to everyone who has donated so far. If you haven't donated yet, have a look at some of the projects in development here and here, and consider if they aren't worth a penny or two.

In other news, traylorpark and Crow_riot have released an early alpha of Paper Wars, so if you haven't tried it yet, give it a go. It is awesome. And Don Miguel and Quasist have added G-sensor and vibrator support to their triple-A (+1 A) title. Check it all out, and let them know what you think. Rembember, community feedback is what these devs live for.

As for sponsors, I have been talking to Dingoo Digital USA and OpenPandora. I haven't heard back yet, so stay tuned for an update on that. In the mean time, the shitheads that are Etronixmart are still fucking people over. This is a review of the service Etronixmart provides. Please read here for more dirt on Etronixmart's filthy operation.

don't forget GPH is offering 3000 GP money for everyone making something for the Caanoo or Wiz. That means every person on your team. There seem to be some nice games on, so check it out.

More on twitter or stay up-to-date with RSS.

Until next time.

More Games, More Fun

28nd May 2011

I've been surfing the forums (and my mailbox) to find another batch of games, looking to spice up this competition. Here is a description of 8 more games. Read on, I'm sure there are some you haven't heard of until now.

Guitar on Fire

Yes, even a music game will make it for this competition. A team of Brazilian developers unite to form BR TEAM SOFT, consisting of dihegols, Iron_man, Iris and Gamba. They are developing a music game for the Dingoo. The obvious question on everyone's lips: Will the song list be customizable, can you create your own songs?

Guitar on Fire Guitar on Fire

You play as a young fan of rock bands aspiring to become a rock legend. To achieve this you must practice and accept challenges all while making a name for yourself. There are two game modes. Career mode, where you progress through the story, and single player mode, where you can choose any song to play. The game is inspired by such titles as Guitar Hero and Rock Bands, but uses its own engine made from scratch.

The game is developed in C++ using SDL, so I am sure we can expect it to be ported to the other consoles soon after the competition ends. And don't forget to check out the Guitar on Fire video.

Nameless Shoot 'Em Up

felix330 and 42stones are making a side scrolling as of yet nameless shoot 'em up game with lots of parallax scrolling and the cutest graphics. The game is made in GLBasic, and will most likely be available for Caanoo, Pandora, Wiz and just for good measure, the GP2x F100 and F200.

Nameless Shoot 'Em Up

I'm afraid my German is not very good, so I couldn't make out much of what they are saying, but it sounds like we can expect several worlds, different enemies, bosses and lots of power-ups. If you're German is any better then mine, head on over to EvilDragon's German forum and see what's up.

Menuisier of the Dead

Now, if my German is bad, well, French is gibberish to me. However, thanks to google translate I did manage to find another gem waiting for the deadline. It appears that JoanCZ, over at Dingoo Mania [UPDATE] ups, i mean Communauté Francophone CAANOO GPH, the French Caanoo community, is making a side-scrolling platformer about a carpenter facing the Apocalypse.

Menuisier of the Dead Menuisier of the Dead

The poor, quirky looking carpenter has to fight hordes of zombies using weapons such as saw blades, chisels, and if he's lucky, proper firearms too.

You can read more about the game over at Dingoo Mania, if your French is up to par, obviously.

UPDATE: While writing I found the English thread. But the game might not be submitted, as JoanCZ prefers to work alone. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


Skylark is a beautifully pixelled 2D side scrolling RPG platform game developed by BlackCurtain of Black Curtain Studio, developer and/or publisher of several Caanoo titles such as Arora Rift and Hero: The Realm. To help him, he has summoned the musical powers of Pontus85, musician and composer.

You play as Skylark, a young man, destined to hunt down his fathers killer. The game takes place in the assailants castle, and you have to progress through rooms. As you progress you realize your true purpose in life.

Skylark Skylark

Skylark is a commercial game, but the demo will enter the competition. Head over to GP32xtreme and catch up on some of the many videos of the game.

El tesoro del dragón (Panta vs dragon)

From we have joining the competition Futublock and Princemegahit. They are making a pseudo-remake of Dragonfire for the Atari 2600. For those who didn't have an Atari 2600, here's a video of Dragonfire.

El tesoro del dragón (Panta vs dragon)

Dragonfire is a game with two screens. A side-view screen where you cross a bridge to enter the king's storeroom, and the storeroom, where you have to collect all the treasures, and leave to return to the next side-view cross-the-bridge screen.

How this game will be I don't know yet. However, Futublock has said that the game will have two modes, history and progressive. I'm Looking forward to the results.


How about a virtual pet simulator on-the-go? On code, we have the talented man behind the Penjin, PokeParadox, and on the graphics we have the infamous Dragons_Slayer.

Dragon_Slayer is no stranger to us, and it is indeed the very same Dragons_Slayer who is working on the Rainy Day masterpiece. A man of many talents.

PirateBaby screenshot

As you can see on the picture, this little monster, err, cutie, hasn't hatched yet. So you will be raising your very own monster from birth to ... well, in case you get too attached, let's hope forever.

Information about this game is scares, but as I understand it, you will effect his personality and preferences. So if you create a a monster or a darling, is entirely up to you. I know what I will do.

Adamant Armor Affection Adventure

Quasist and Don Miguel have wiped off the dust of their Caanoos and have started developing, and I quote: Minecraft with blackjack and hookers. For those who didn't know, Don Miguel is the creator of SuperPlusha for the GP32, and Quasist is the creator of FleshChasmer, FleshChasmer Zero, Mutant Tank Knights, Woship Vector, among other stuff.

Adamant Armor Affection Adventure Adamant Armor Affection Adventure Adamant Armor Affection Adventure

Adamant Armor Affection Adventure, AAAA, is a minecraft inspired stealth-action game, where you can hide in the shadows and distract the endless hordes of enemies. And of course, sneak up behind them and slash them to pieces. To gory for you, simply blow their brains out. Although, I don't know yet if they have any brains.

The game starts with a tutorial level which unlocks the main campaign disc. In the main campaign there are 4 hidden game mode discs, one of which is Zombie Horde, of course. We cannot have a slashing cube game without zombies!

All this adds up to a game not easily forgotten. Myself, I'm looking most forwards to seeing how they get away with cube-shaped hookers.

For more interesting games, check out their website, and have a look at their videos (video 1, video 2).

Paper Wars

An extremely approachable 3D tactics game developed by traylorpark and crow_riot. Crow_riot is no stranger to 3D, being the mastermind behind Audiorace, one of the icons on the Wiz with download counts I myself can only dream of ;)

This game looks fantastic. My jaw dropped when I first saw the renders and I wanted to send these guys a contract, before EA snatches them up.

The mechanics sound simple enough. According to traylorpark, there are three types of units, you have three moves every turn, and in good fairytail fashion here are three renders to enjoy.

Paper Wars Paper Wars Paper Wars

The game is a multiplayer turn-based tactics game on a hexagon grid with locations to capture such as helipad, cities etc. Initially this game will be made for the Caanoo, but they plan to have binaries for all (OpenGL) supported platforms pretty much from day one, and maybe even the betas, so make sure you follow the progress.

That's all Folks

That is it for this time. Remember that Etronixmart is a filthy scam operation which on several occations, have screwed people over again and again. Please read more about it on my review of Etronixmart and their service.

And if I have missed any games in development for the competition, please let me know. There are a lot of places to keep an eye on, so I might have missed some. Of course, some will announce their project only by submitting to the competition, which is also fine.

To keep informed, consider following me on twitter or subscribing to the RSS feed.


Iorgy77 on Competition Panel

26th May 2011

Iorgy77, aka THB, has joined the competition panel, and will be part of the team handling any disputes. Iorgy77 was the organizer of the Pandora Angst Coding Competition in 2010 and is a respected member of the GP32xtreme community, and I am sure he will fill this position very well.

Welcome aboard, Iorgy77.

Etronixmart Sponsorship

25th May 2011

Etronixmart logo More good news. No, there was no good news. On this day, the scammers, called Etronixmart contacted me offerering prices for the competition in exchange for exposure of their website. Of course as we all know now, RIOTdigital kept up our end of the deal, but after receiving the service, they ditched us all and never gave any prize to the winners, as promised. Read my full review of Etronixmart and their scam service here.

I will write another post later detailing how these prizes will be distributed between the top entries. Stay tuned. For the latest news, follow me on twitter, or the RSS feed at the top of the page.

Teams are aformin'

22nd May 2011

A month has passed since the competition was announced, teams have formed, stars have aligned, and projects are beginning to surface in the far corners of the universe. At least our little universe.

Here are some of the projects I have come across in the various communities, including some exclusives.


foxblock is no stranger to making games. He has teamed up with Ziz to make a mysterious game, which, by the title alone is set to move the world. They are scares on info, which of course fuels the speculations for a grand release come judgement day.

I did manage to lure another piece of concept art out of foxblock, so conspiracy theorists unite:

Schizophrenia concept art Schizophrenia concept art

According to Ziz, the game is a puzzle-platformer "about logic, perception, WW2, cloning, quantum mechanics, philosophy, cats with hats, beautiful women, ethics, Sweden, trains, burning snow-helicopters, failing hard drives and a small boy trying to figure it out."

To me it sounds like a lot of hallucinations. But I'm sure the women are real, blond, big-breasted, and from Sweden... Yeah, I see them already, cloned many times over.


But Ziz is a busy guy. Schizophrenia isn't enough for him. A self-proclaimed developaholic, he has developed this prototype and is looking for someone to help out with the art work.

Puzzletube screenshot

Check out the prototype video on youtube, and if you like what you see, can hold a steady brush, or burst pixels another way, give him a holler over at the OpenPandora boards. He comes with the added bonus of speaking German. And who knows, this could be a good opportunity to get your hands on some nice prizes.

Chicken Mole Adventure

Over at Dingoonity, Monstercrunch is cooking up a maze-like puzzle game. The story is seems pretty straight forward, you're a chicken and have to find your egg, stolen by those awful moles.

Screenshot Chicken Mole Adventure Screenshot Chicken Mole Adventure

I must say, I love the homebrew-style graphics of this one, and judging by the gameplay video, it will be a fun challenge as well. I couldn't figure out who else is on his team, but clearly he can handle the graphics. Maybe musicians should sign up. If you like what you see, you can contact Monstercrunch and see if you can help out. [update] I've talked to Monstercrunch, and he has teamed up with a mucisian, Maxym from Dingoo Mania.


From the ashes of Hartnell's empire arose Game Design Novice. The remains of dedicated people who would otherwise have dispersed when the servers went offline. One of these members is Kake_fisk. A Norwegian guy making a side-scrolling submarine game akin to those one-button games to control altitude, or in this case depth, only here the submarine is equipped with some bad-ass weapons to boot.

Screenshot Submarine Screenshot Submarine

There will be baddies! There will be bosses! There will be procedurally generated levels!

If anyone is interested, Kake_fisk is looking for someone to draw some sprites and make some music. You can find him on IRC: #gdn on or on kake_fisk's website.

Unnamed Monkey Game

Another one from Dingoonity. This time from the quintessential zear, who is working on a monkey lovin' platformer in as many as 2 colors. There will be baddies and pits, but what other monkey business zear is up to, we'll have to wait and see.

Unnamed monkey game Unnamed monkey game

According to zear, this one might or might not make it to the competition. We'll all keep our fingers crossed. On all four hands.

Check out the youtube video to get a feel for what to expect.

Rainy Day

After ridding Middle Earth of its last dragon (yeah, as you can tell, I'm no poet), Dragons_Slayer has joined forces with Archibald, a calm, down to earth master of the brush, who brings homebrew visuals to a whole new level.

Rainy Day concept art Rainy Day concept art

Rainy Day takes place in a fantasy world, albeit without dragons, there is a monster bacteria to slay as it reigns... rain... over the world, ever since the weather wizard turned ill. Intrigued? Then feast your eyes on the small tech-demo.

Stay Tuned

That is it for this time. Stick around, I will write up about the next batch of games soon. Hopefully, I'll have some more exclusives with stuff you haven't seen yet. If you are participating, please let me know about your game by writing to me on the contact page.


GPH Sponsorship

15th May 2011

Caanoo GPH has decided to sponsor the competition with some great prizes. These include a Caanoo console with full accessories pack for the winning team, a Caanoo console for runners up, and the entire third-place team will get Caanoo T-shirts (white and orange). They are also giving all participants developing for the Wiz or Caanoo 3000 GP to be used on their "app-store"

To be eligible for winning a Caanoo you have to agree to make your entry available for the Caanoo as soon as possible after receiving it. So you do not actually have to change your plans for the competition.

GPH sponsorship means that there might be prizes as far as 6th place, which is great. I will also device a plan in case the winning team does not want a Caanoo, we can work something out and it can go to the runners up. If you have any questions about this, please contact me or ask on one of the English forums as I frequent them all on a regular basis. I have tried to contact other device manufacturers about sponsoring as well, and I will keep you posted when I hear back.

Also, please consider donating a small amount to the prize pool to support the developers.


Contact Form Up and Running Again

9th May 2011

If you have tried writing to me using the contact form on the site over the last week or so, your message has not arrived. In a small "security" move after Sony had my email and password revealed to God-knows-who, i changed my passwords. Of course, i forgot to correct the contact form to use the new password, so it has been out-of-order for a week.

Everything is now up and running again. I apologize if you have tried contacting me, and have not received a reply.

Prize Pool Reaches 300 Euro

4th May 2011

With the latest donation received today the prize pool has now passed the 300 Euro mark. I am amazed at how positive this competition has been received, and we are seeing some very nice projects taking form. This means there will at least be prizes for the top 4 entries. I am working on getting some more prizes for the competition, so stay tuned.

I will write some posts every now and then to keep people informed about what is going on with the competition. There is no comments section, sorry, no fancy backend or database here. But you are welcome to discuss the competition at GP2Xtreme boards.

Welcome to my blog!

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