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Final Positions

31th July 2011

After voting ended, we received a two complaints on Guitar on Fire. The complaints regarded the use of music that BR SOFT TEAM might not have had license to use, and the use of graphics from Guitar Rage's Rock Band theme.

The competition panel has discussed the issues and we have decided to disqualify Guitar on Fire for breaking rule no. 6 "Entry must be an original work by entrant not released previously [...]."

Although it is difficult to know whether BR SOFT TEAM had the right to use said graphics, it was not made clear that the graphics were not their own work, and as such voters may have been mislead.

I want to extend my deepest thanks to BR SOFT TEAM, who have been nothing but forthcoming and honest about the entire project, and so it is a little saddened that I present the new final standings:

2ndAdamant Armor Affection Adventure12339
3rdRainy Day - Alpha Preview10135
6thSkylark (demo)7133
8thUnnamed Monkey Game5927
10thDaff's Adventure 23318
12th El tesoro del dragón (panta vs dragon)2811
=Geek 'em up2819
14thGigaSun Jet2514
DQ rule 6Guitar on Fire Demo 1.0 
DQ rule 5Chicken Mole Adventure (DEMO) 

A big congratulations to Skylark who schooched into 6th place.

Points were rewared on a simple sum(5 - rank) for each vote. I.e. first position gave 4 points, and 4th position gave 1 point.

Emails are being sent out as we speak, so by the time you are reading this, if you are elegable for a prize, you should have received an email on how to proceed. If not, let me know.


Here are the download statisitcs for all the games, up until the deadline.

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