Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you are still in doubt, feel free to contact us or ask u9 in one of the mentioned IRC channels.

How new does "new and original" have to be?
The requirement is not so much on the "new and original" as it is on the no ports, remakes and emulators. This is not to say you cannot be inspired by other games. Only that you need to bring something to the table yourself. For example, a 2D clone of minecraft is not a remake, and far from a clone. Minecraft is a 3D game, and bringing it into 2D creates a very different game.
Can I use a project I started on before the competition was announced?
Absolutely. As long as you have not made your game available for the general public, there is no-one who can tell when you started your project. If you have something old, which just needs an excuse to be finished, then this is the perfect opportunity.
Do I need a new team for each game i submit?
No. The exact same team can submit several games if they wish.
Now much work does each member of the team have to do to qualify as being on the team?
There is no exact requirement for how much work a person has to do to be considered part of your team. As long as the person has contributed in some way, and is accredited for the role he performed, and receives a part of the prize. Tester, game designer, director, producer. They are all acceptable roles, even if they may or maynot require a lot of participation relative to the rest of the work needed.
Can I submit games for the GP2x F100 / F200?
We do hope you build your game for the old GP2x consoles as well, however we have decided not to accept entries for these consoles as they are no longer in production, and supporting them will have a negative effect on the voting system, which will spread the votes across even more platforms.
Can I submit for Dingoo's native firmware?
We do hope you build your game for the native firmware as well, but as with the old GP2x consoles, the more platforms the competition includes, the weaker the rating system is. We have therefore decided to support only the Linux platform on the dingoo, as it seems to be easier to develop for.
I would rather not use PayPal to donate to the prize pool. Is there another way of donating?
You can transfer money directly to my account, but I have to be honest, I don't know how much it will cost to transfer. I have accounts in Danish and Faroese banks. Contact me for details.
Can I release beta versions prior to submission?
You are encouraged to keep as public a profile as possible. In fact this could be of benefit as it is your peers who will vote later on, and don't underestimate the power of branding. That said, it is important that you do not release anything after the submission deadline, as this will get you disqualified. The reason is that voting is done by the public, and we cannot allow people to continue to sway votes toward their game by improving it after the competition has ended. Once voting has finished you are free of any and all constraints.
Can I make a demo instead of a full game?
Yes. Any form of interactive entertainment is accepted. But make sure it contains playable elements and is not "just" a video packaged as a program. Also note that people will more likely vote for finished products and not products which might turn out to be good in the future.

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